FAQ’s - CBD Topicals

1. What is a CBD Topical?

Over 50 million American's suffer from some type of chronic pain. Things like CBD can help those people. Products called CBD topicals are usually some type of topical like a cream, roll-on gel, lotion, rub, ointment etc. that contains CBD. The CBD is infused in the topical and helps relive pains.


2. Why are there products out there that Do Not Work?

There are different reasons that a product might not work for you or at all. Scientific tests are not always required to back up the claims made by a manufacturer of natural supplements. The reasons that these products may not work are-

  1. Everyone is different. Some people's body just do not react to CBD or they already have a high tolerance for it.
  2. TSome products don't actually have any CBD in them. We talk about these scams on the home page.
  3. Individual ingredients may work well on their own but when combined they may counteract each other or lessen the positive effect. The right combination leads to an effective formula. 


3. Which is the best CBD Brand for me?

There is no magic bullet here that will help everyone. But there are certain things that you should look for that will help. Look for a company that has good reviews, and a solid money back guarantee. Always look at the ingredients as well.

Look for scientific research on the following websites as they are impartial and show data rather than opinions-

  • For scientific reports go to www.consumerlabs.com
  • To see the results of studies go to Pubmed - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed


4. What is the best way to go about buying from an online seller?

You need peace of mind when buying online. Look out for the basic consumer protections that will keep you safe when buying a CBD types of products online.

  • Find a seller that has a physical address and phone number based in the United States
  • Make sure that the product is manufactured in the US and in a FDA and GMP registered facility
  • Look for a company that provides information about them and their set up.

There are some warning signs that you should look for when browsing a company’s website. If they make claims that the product is endorsed by a fake doctor or try to give it to you for free.


5. How Do I spot a Scam?

It isn’t always easy to spot a scam. These websites are professional and look great. But behind them lurk scamsters that want your credit card details.

The biggest trick to look out for is the ‘free trial.’ In this they offer you a free product if you pay for the shipping and handling fee. But as they gather your credit card details for this, they auto-enroll you into sending a new supply of the product month after month. They are expensive and the company makes unsubscribing difficult to do.

Something else to look out for again is the claimof 100,000+mg on a bottle. This is not possible, they are talking about mg of hemp seed oil, not CBD. An average product has on the low end 250mg of CBD and on the way high end 2000mg. Anything more than that is either really expensive or a total scam.

There are also unscrupulous sellers that will claim to include ingredients that are not legal to be sold in the US. Avoid these web-sites at all costs.*


6. Is there any Science behind a CBD topical product?

In short, yes.

There are thousands of studies done on the effects of CBD on the human body. You can find them in a simple google search.



7. Are there any safety issues?

Natural products are considered to be safe. As with any new supplement, it is always recommended that you consult your physician, especially if you are on any medication.

Certain ingredients are not safe, however and they have caused severe side effects in users. Always make sure you use a pain relief product with all natural ingredients. Don't trust companies that use chemicals.


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